Jessica Gartner

Avid Artist & Instructor

My name is Jessica Gartner. I am an artist and writer. One of my specialties is portraits. I find beauty in people and their facial features because they are each unique. I am dedicating my time to teach what talents I have been so blessed to be gifted with! Thank You!

Welcome to All About Portrait!

All About Portraits: Course 1 Breaking Down The Basics: Each aspect of the face broke down into weekly sessions of each feature. Six Week Course!

This course will include features of the face and how to draw them. Features include eyes, noses, mouths, faces, hairstyles and accessories. There will also be a course on proportions and ratios and the graphing method. A further course on methods, drawing utensils, and medias styles, as well as drawing techniques.

Being an artist, I am inspired to share my gifted talent with those seeking to learn how to draw portraits. I have been drawing portraits since 2011. I have excelled in different methods and have been intrigued on learning many techniques.

I love art of any kind. Creativity is the way to express yourself and is a method of therapy. I also have studied Psychology for several years as a personal study. This has been journey, to be able to gain self-confidence, and self-awareness.

Though All About Portraits will be my first-time teaching, I am planning on expanding my teaching portfolio to other areas of my expertise as well.

I am thankful for this opportunity and hope everyone enjoys and embraces these courses! Let’s Have Fun!

My Education

Colorado Technical University
Associates Business & Project Management (2023)
Bachelors Business & TechnologyCurrent
Personal Studies
Psychology Study of Human Behavior
Personal Studies
Self Help, Building Confidence & Self-Awareness
Personal Studies
Healing from Grief and Loss
Personal Studies
Drawing Portraits, Multiple Medias and Art Techniques

My Experience

Owner Of All JG Services LLC
Project Manager
Avid Artist
Hobbyist of Portraits