All About Creative Writing In Business!

All About Creative Writing In Business!

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Class Description


Where does your mind take you when you think about Creative writing? Let’s talk about it join me for two thirty minute sessions one after the other for a lesson on creative writing and thinking and how you can put your mind on paper…THIS IS Therapeutic in every way! Yet let’s learn how we can utilize this in business!!!


Class Requirements


Just need a desire to learn , be creative, or need ideas to help your business succeed and grow through creative writing and thinking!
Pen or pencil & a note book or pad!
Computer of smartphone with internet access and Zoom!


Class Supplies


Just a writing utensil, a notebook and internet on a computer, laptop or smartphone. And down load the app Zoom!



What will we cover?

Ideas that spark the creative mind in writing & in thinking
Creative ways to utilize your writing
How creative e writing can take an effect on your business and its growth

Who is your instructor?

I my name is Jessica Gartner. I am apart of the International Writing Association! I also study business. I am fascinated in creativity and the depth of its benefits in business and therapy!

How to contact me?

Jessica Gartner 303-562-8876
email me at with your subject (Student live online classes creative writing)

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