All About Portraits: Course 1: Breaking Down Basics

All About Portraits: Course 1: Breaking Down Basics

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Class Description


Have you ever wanted to learn how to draw portraits? In this class you will learn how to draw each aspect of the face. Also, you will learn how to put those aspects together to form the entire portrait.
Some of the aspects of the face you will learn to draw are eyes, mouths, noses, hairstyles, and different techniques of shading and proportions.


The class is live. This is awesome because you will engage online while having time to ask questions, get feedback from instructor and get hands on experience from the comfort of your home or office.


Offering several blocked sessions with a variety of different time frames, it is ensured you will find a course that fits into your busy schedule.
Understanding that people learn at different paces, the course is offered either in 12 30-minute sessions over a 6-week period; 6 sessions in 3 weeks, 3 1- hour sessions in a week or even one day express classes. The express classes are typically 4 hours with breaks.


Another flexible aspect is that this class has several price ranges. First come first serve with lower rates the earlier you book. The cheaper slots go quick so BOOK NOW! This class won’t break your pocket, it will meet your availability, and it will match the pace of your learning.


While meeting your demands, and forming to your needs, this course is fun, and will give you a detailed explanation about each feature of the human face and how to draw them. Offered in group sessions or even one-on-ones, this course will teach you to draw the basics or even prepare you for other courses that I offer to even perfect your ability to create masterful portraits.
ALL ABOUT PORTRAITS Course 1 is the beginning class of drawing the attributes of the human face. Join me and let’s talk about art and create some art!


Enroll NOW!


Class Requirements


1: A desire to learn how to draw portraits
2: A willingness to gain knowledge on drawing from the beginning
3: Availability open for selected course timeframe. (Session Times and dates vary)
4. Must have working smart phone, or computer/laptop with video, internet and Zoom!
This class is live!


Class Supplies


1: A drawing Pad (Preferably mixed media paper)
2: Drawing pencils,
3: Erasers: One hard eraser; one kneaded eraser.
4: Shading tool
5: Pencil Sharpener
6: A computer with internet access & Zoom (Wi-Fi network is Acceptable)



What is All About Portraits?

A set of courses for different levels of drawing portraits. Learning how to draw a portrait from start to finish. All levels of drawing for beginners to advanced artists learning new techniques or perfecting their talent.

How long are the courses of All About Portraits?

All About Portraits has a variety of course lengths. Each course has options for different paced learning. Other courses are either longer or shorter depending on what material is covered. All courses offer one-day express courses also!

Who is your instructor for All About Portraits? How to contact?

Your instructor is Jessica Gartner. An avid artist, and writer. Phone: 303-562-8876 or email: (Subject: All About Portraits: Student)

What will I learn in course 1?

In course one you will learn each feature of the human face and how to draw them. You will learn different techniques to draw each aspect of the face. This includes eyes, noses, lips or mouths, the face and chin, hairstyles, and accessories!

What should I know about drawing before I join?

There are no requirements for your level of knowledge on drawing for this course.

What Should I bring?

Supplies may vary for each course. But for all courses you will need a drawing pad or other specified media, drawing pencils or other specified utensils, erasers both kneaded and hard eraser, shading tools, pencil sharpener, computer with internet connection, video capabilities and access to Zoom.

What are the age requirements for this course?

There are different courses, but most classes are for ages 10 and up. Adult classes are for 18 and up.
Classes are based more on experience rather than age.

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