Brian McMahon

Sifu Brian Lee McMahon

I teach internal martial arts from a background of years of external practice. I have over 40 years experience. Read more at:

Hello! This is my story.

I began practicing Taekwondo at age 12 in ChungDo Kwan, switched to JiDo Kwan at age 14. I ran a school in Santa Fe, New Mexico for many years. In my 30’s I began practicing Internal Martial Arts, learning Tai Chi Chuan, Wu style. I assisted Bruce Frantzis in writing his 1st book, Opening the Energy Gates of the Body.

In the 1980’s I founded the KiDo Institute and worked with a number of different masters as well as getting training in body psychotherapy. I offer instruction for beginners rarely, but will do so here.

My Education

St. John's College
Philosophy Major, Mathematics Minor, uncompleted
Taekwondo JiDo Kwan
5th Dan Black Belt Instructor
Various Internal Arts Masters
20+ years

My Experience

Briasn Lee's Taekwondo Center
KiDo Institute, Inc.
Founder, Manager
Internal Arts Institute
Instructor, Co-manager
Master Instructor