The Insides of Tai Chi Chuan

The Insides of Tai Chi Chuan

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Class Description


A 5 week, information dense, class series that explores the Insides of the Internal Art of Tai Chi Chuan.


In this course we’ll be elucidating:


Internal Mechanics – structure and alignments
What are “energies” in the body?
What should I be doing inside my body when I practice my Tai Chi form?
How do I make Qi actually move in my body?
What is Qi anyway?
How does this apply to common tai chi chuan forms like Yang, Wu, Cheng?
What are common misconceptions that hurt my practice?


This class is intended for beginner and intermediate students who want to practice at the highest level possible for them. You don’t need to have already learned a form to take and understand this class. For people who have learned all the movements of a form but are unsure about what should be happening inside, this will answer some questions and up your game. Taught by Brian McMahon from


Class Requirements


Should be capable of physical activity.


Class Supplies


Loose fitting clothes and a small space to move around.



Do I need to already know a tai chi chuan form?

No the class will provide excercises to practice what you learn. Should you later learn a form you can apply what you learn to that.

If I've already learned a form does it matter which one?

No, not at all. While some style of Tai chi chuan do some things differently they all share the same general principles.

If I already know a form why should I do this class?

Learning the movements of a tai chi chuan form is a good beginning bu the most benefits are acheived through the highest level practice. Learning the inside components is the gateway to higher levels of practice.

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