Introduction to Internal Martial Arts

Introduction to Internal Martial Arts

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Class Description


This is an Introduction to Internal Arts through an 8 movement set from Baguazhang (Pa Kua Chang) that will be used to teach fundamentals and internal movement principles.


Class Requirements


You should be able to stand for several minutes at a time and be cleared for physical activities by your health professional.


Class Supplies


You will need clothing that allows movement and a small space to move in.



Is this course useful if I do not practice martial arts?

Yes, these movements and principles will contribute to good body use and help develop coordination and balance as well as facilitating circulation and good energy flow in the body.

Will this course help me if I practice martial arts already?

Yes, these basic methods help to reorganize the body in accord with traditional internal practice principles which enhance performance of any physical practices.

Can I hurt myself doing this course?

All the movements taught in this course are performed slowly and gently. Like any physical activity if you feel pain or unusual discomfort you should stop the movement and request clarification.

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  • Scott
    useful for anyone with a bodywork background

    I have little martial arts training but plenty of other bodywork modalities, and this integrated them together more than I expected. Expert, responsive, well-spoken, accommodating instructor. Solid syllabus. Transcript&video of each class for review

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