Val Vines

Revered Val Vines, O.M.

Associates degree in Education Associates degree in Art. Courses in History of Religions. Los Angeles Valley College, Ca Universal Christ Church school of spiritualism, Los Angeles Ca: Course studies in The History of Spiritualism, Religion and philosophy. Classes in theological studies. Rites and rituals a cleric must preform prior to Ordination and certification. Classes in parapsychology and the paranormal. Energy Healing (laying on of hands) sound vibrations and colors.

Hello! This is my story.

Hello, I am Reverend Val Vines and have Been a non denominational ordained minister of Universal Christ Church for over 45 years. As a cleric I have taught and comforted a multitude of the universes humanity. With special God given gifts I was called upon to give comfort and hope across both sides of the “veil”. To replace heartbreak with tears of joy and peace is beyond words. From these events I was inspire to create a personal Spiritual discovery course. It’s called The Ten Goals of Life. You can read about it in my class description. Also I am a published literary writer of science fiction fantasia.” Lemuria Soulmates ” on amazon .
I have served also as a mentor and teacher in the corporate and public sectors. Taught the subject of communication for public service, to retired California senator and office staff. Conducted my class at Western Nevada College in Carson city NV to NHP law enforcement, drug addiction counselor and psychiatrist working in penal institutions, to the President and staff of the Retail Association of Nevada, and to the managers and staff of a CA./NV. owner/operator of McDonald’s quick food restaurants.
MY next journey is with each of you. so excited to meet and work with you towards your new changes and new beginnings. Thank you

My Education

o .m. Minister- non denominational
Universal Christ church Los Angeles CA.
Associates degree in Education
Associated degree in Art.

My Experience

Reverend Val Vines
O.M. Minister - non denominational
Spiritual consultant for personal
life needs and a Spiritual medium.
Published literary novelist
Title: Lemuria Soulmates
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Associates degree in Education
Associates degree in Art