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Class Description


The Ten Goals of Life
Reverend Val Vines


My name is Reverend Val Vines, and for over 45 years I have been a non- denominational minister working with humanity, helping them seek positive tools and solutions to solve their daily situations in both their professional and personal lives. As I worked with them in diverse ways, I became so inspired by their enthusiasm, positive change, and their personal growth in their lives, I created a self-discovery course, The Ten Goals of Life, with its companion booklet. In Carson City, Nevada, I introduced my course to Western Nevada College’s Continuing Adult Education Division, and it was accepted! Eight wonderous years of teaching unfolded.
The Ten Goals of Life can be utilized within all facets of the individual’s personal and professional life. The goal of the course is simple: To inspire and give tools that can change people’s direction of their lives and in some cases, their destiny! The promise is change! What one sees in the mirror is only a reflection of masks and tattered cloaks that they use to camouflage their true selves. This can lead to dead end roads where their dreams, goals and spiritual evolvement is never truly realized. The Ten Goals of Life gives students skills to make true and clear choices in their lives, teaching and empowering them to shatter mirrors of false reflections, bringing in new light and consciousness if they think they are worth the work!


I have taught the Ten Goals of Life in the corporate and public sectors to a retired California senator and office staff, to NHP law enforcement, drug addiction counselor and psychiatrist working in penal institutions, to the President and staff of the Retail Association of Nevada, and to the managers and staff of an owner/operator of McDonald’s quick food restaurants.
The Ten Goals of Life are powerful tools for rebuilding new personal and professional goals. This course reveals lack of acceptance, respect and understanding that has been clouded because of conditioning by past and current manipulative views; this can fabricate a wrong reality about self, another person or situation. This course defines the soul, and its building blocks . This new data gives you an understanding of why your life is not flowing as it should or why you never make the mark—the principals of self-sabotage. It teaches you how to erase the shadows of your soul to bring forward fresh dialogue. For the first time you know from your own perfect self and certainty from your heart, that you are ready to manifest fresh goals


Class Requirements


1. Let’s have a fun!
2. Must be in need of personal change.
3. Have an open mind to new thoughts.
4. Be punctual and ready to learn!
5. Treat your instructor (me) and classmates with gratitude.
6. Home work is required/ reviewed and shared because its active observations.


Class Supplies


1. Buy a journal ( that you will like)
2. Get pens or pencils and a legal pad.
3.You can tape the lecture if that’s easier.



Question 1. will I be graded on my assignments, will there be a final at the end of the classes.

Answer 1. Yes. The grading will be explained. You will be given a final that’s very creative and shows personal changes / growth from class participation. To be shared with your class mates on line.

Question 2. if it's a active class is their a lot of strenuous activity for the class work.

Answer 2.Its active observation that must match the home work assignment, working with your daily routines. EX: shopping, driving, going to appointments, out dinning or social settings. these are some examples. Please wear your masks while you are out side. Very ,very important to stay well for sure.

Question 3. Can you call me if there is a question about the class or home work assignment.

Answer 3. Yes you can. It will be pacific time for me. I will give the class the hours I will due call backs. You can send me an EMAIL too if that’s better for you.

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