Tom Foster

Writing Instructor

Welcome to my writing instruction course! My goal is to help you realize how easy it is to write, and how to navigate through the difficult parts.

Hello! This is my story.

I’ve had a long run thus far as a writer that started in the 3rd grade as a hobby and developed into a professional role in my mid-twenties. My love for writing has kept me connected to literature and even kept me on the right track a time or two. What I wish to share with those who are interested in why the world of writing is so enticing, and, at times, addictive.

The purpose of this class is to take people through the beginning, middle, and end processes of writing a story, be it a short story, a novella, or a novel. I’ve written all three and even more, and can confidently guide you from the idea stage to the final revisions that will set you on the next stage of your journey as a writer.

My Education

Southern New Hampshire University
MFA from SHNU (2021)
Washington State University
BA (2016)
Clark Community College
AA (2005)

My Experience

Freelance Writer