Character Development

Character Development

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Class Description


The honest-to-goodness truth is that even with tons of description, one needs a character or characters to drive their story. More to the point, the characters need to be run through hell a time or two before they fully develop. That’s what we’re here to do.


Class Requirements


Two to three solid characters to develop.


Class Supplies


List of character primary character traits



Can I have more than one main character?

Yes, but keep things simple to start with. 1 or 2 main characters are easy to maintain and don’t muddy up the story too much.

Does my character have to undergo a tragedy?

Not necessarily. Characters can experience development in a lot of ways, but drama, action, and trauma are often the most effective since they create the need for drastic change.

What constitutes real character development?

A profound change in the character’s beliefs, actions, and way of thinking is a good start to good character development. From there, things can go a myriad of ways depending on the story.

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