Melanie LaMay

Visual Artist

I am a traditional and digital artist living and working in Las Vegas, Nevada and southern California. I've been working as an artist for a decade, and I've been practicing academic art techniques for 15 years. I work with sculpture, digital art, oil, watercolor, acrylic, gouache, and ink painting, as well as drawing with charcoal, graphite, pastel, and ink. As an illustrator and fine artist, I want to use my artistic skill to help others through teaching and mentorship, art for fundraising, and creating work for the bereaved and non profit endeavors.

Art from Life – Drawing and Painting

Visual art allows us to experience our world with curiosity, careful attention, and reverence, which can lead us to greater appreciation and understanding of our complex visual experience.

Creating art from life sparks growth in artists of all styles. Accurate and realistic color mixing/picking, internalizing proportions, and sharper observation skills are just some of the benefits artists from all fields receive from habitual life drawing.

I’m teaching techniques for accurate observation and recording of the three dimensional world onto a two dimensional surface. I have received 8 years of representational and figurative art training in the American realistic illustration style, and I apply what I learn from life drawing to my personal illustrative work.

My Education

Laguna College of Art and Design
BFA Drawing + Painting with Illustration Emphasis (2021)
College of Southern Nevada
AA Arts Emphasis (2018)

My Accomplishments

Small Art Big Talent, Las Laguna Gallery, 2021
#6feetofart, Donna Beam Gallery, 2020
Laguna Invitational Collectors Gala 2019, 2018
Pizzamas Calendar 2019
Clark County Zap! City Beautification, 2018
Public Artist