Making Art from Life

Making Art from Life

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Class Description


This course covers methods and techniques used to create art from life. Observational life drawing strengthens artists of all styles and mediums.


Life drawing and painting specific skills will be covered such as:
Using plumb lines, measuring angles, proportions, negative shapes, composition, and different ways of constructing an image.


Class Requirements


This class will require students to set up their own still life arrangements of 2-3 objects from around their house. I will suggest days to use fruit/vegetables, dishware, or other items, but any still life arrangement will work for each class.
Students will need a camera and email to send photos of their work, so please have a cell phone or other method available.
In this course, you may choose from the following mediums:
Painting: Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Gouache, Ink, Tempura, Digital
Drawing: Markers, Crayons, Color Pencils, Pastel, Charcoal, Graphite, Ink, Digital


Class Supplies


A skewer, knitting needle, or other long, thin, and straight item

Thread and a bolt or other weight


Straight edge tool such as a ruler (this can be laid against a tablet for digital artists)


Large enough surface for you to feel comfortable working. Larger substrates, such as 9"x12" or larger are more comfortable for most artists, but any size will work.


Use whatever art supplies you would like to use! The techniques taught in this class will apply to digital and traditional drawing, as well as painting. Oil painters should expect to only complete an underpainting during the class period.
We will start with light marks on our surface that can later be covered up or left exposed as the piece develops. Keep this in mind as you choose your medium!



What will I be learning how to draw?

These techniques allow you to draw anything you see! We will be focusing on organic and inorganic forms, as well as how to arrange an image.

What mediums does this class cover?

Students are free to choose their medium. I am able to assist students with using graphite, charcoal, pastels, watercolor, oil, acrylic, gouache, and digital painting using programs like photoshop, medibang, etc.

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