Marc Burgess


Photography is the skill of a light writer who can compose a shot with those skills. This one week course dives into photography and teaches hands-on practical skills using a digital camera and analog techniques using manual settings. This course will cover the following: 1. General settings and setup. 2. Light and composition. 3. Aperture and Shutter speeds. 4. World of ISO. 5. Final sharing and pro tips.

Hello! This is my story.

I’m a model turned photographer, which has opened many doors for me. I enjoyed traveling and working with some great designers and photographers. I eventually made the jump from in front of the camera behind the camera when I was ready to take on more work and responsibility. I took that passion and started shooting and making money with the first camera I bought. I took it a step further and graduated from Brooklyn College with a degree in TV/Radio production and photography.

My travel and work extends to 25 countries and I love to tell a story through the lens. Fashion and editorial works are always a favorite of mine. My commercial work in food and interiors has been my bread and butter. There are a million ways to take a photo, it just depends on what client you want to please at the end of the day.

I have production experience in video and editing, but most of my jobs these days continue to be still photographs. Enjoying the split fraction of a second can have long lasting contributions to the arts and commercial industries and that is exciting.

I continue to pursue other works and encourage all photographers to move forward with any works they are considering as time waits for no one.

Some of the greatest rewards in photography is being able to sell your own artwork. My best photo series to date has been my mannequin series which generated some nice income and appeared in some publications.

Photography does not require the latest and greatest equipment. When I first started I bought new and best I could afford. Now I realize it’s not the equipment, but the knowledge behind the equipment. Using those tools make it fun to tell so many stories.

My Education

Brooklyn College
BA Graduated 2009

My Experience

Consulting & Teaching