Iggy’s Photo Boot Camp

Iggy’s Photo Boot Camp

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Class Description


This course is designed to teach some basic photography skills using a DSLR camera in manual settings. (camera required) Students will walk away with a general understanding of lighting and technical skills that are practical for use in the photography fields. The course will cover five core areas over the week.
CORE ONE: General settings and setup: Getting to know your camera. Understanding what and where to find your general settings to use for manual settings. What are important to use. Hands-on use of camera in various settings.
CORE TWO: Introduction to light and composition. Hands-on use of camera shooting with light and composition in mind. Other lighting techniques.
CORE THREE: Introduction to Aperture and Shutter speeds. Hands on use of the camera using the two big elements in photography.
CORE FOUR: Introduction to ‘The World of ISO’. A great learning experience and additional lighting resource for young photographers looking to bring another element to their craft. Hands-on use of camera in various ISO settings.
CORE FIVE: Final day of shooting. Sharing images again throughout the week and continuing hands-on practice of all three elements (ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speeds) Final tips and professional advice from actual jobs.


Class Requirements


a DSLR digital camera with manual settings is required. A detachable lens kit is best.


Class Supplies


same as class requirements.



Do I need any experience to be in this class?

No, we just require the right camera in the class requirements and eagerness to learn.

Does the class teach manual photography?

Yes, that is the main focus of this entire class. We want to teach all photographers the power of manual settings and the advantage and need in the professional world.

What will I gain for this course?

A much greater understanding of photography and actual hands-on skills you can incorporate into your personal or business projects.

Is this course good for social media providers or service providers?

For those looking to improve their skills and use for their social media and website, this course is a perfect fit. It is designed to give solid advice and practical tips to improve your photography skill set which will improve your brand image.

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