Kriscia Baldez

Belly Dancer Instructor

Hi, my name is Kriscia, I’m from Brazil and I’m a belly dance instructor. It will be a pleasure to help you with this beautiful art that I love. Belly dance is more than dance, is history and it is alive for thousands of years. So, I’m very excited to tell you more about belly dance and we, together, are going to learn, to dance and have culture exchange (why not?). Let’s go?

About me

Hi Guys! I’m Kriscia. I’m currently living in Brazil. I’m a belly dancer and I just love belly dance. My main goal is to introduce you to Belly Dance. But if you already know basic Belly Dance, we can make personal classes, according your needs. I’m able to teach another fields
Of belly dance. As it’s a huge art. Specific classes are able for any field:
And others possibilities.

My Education

Maktube School of Dance

My Experience

Online Belly dance classes
Self - employed
Belly dance instructor