Basic Belly Dance 1

Basic Belly Dance 1

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Class Description


Hi Guys, Basic Belly Dance 1 has 4 classes, which we’ll be in contact once a week for 1 month.
Week 1: Belly Dance History and basic Belly dance moves
Week 2: Basic Belly Dance Moves associated with choreograph
Week 3: choreograph and dynamic class
Week 4: Time to dance! We are going to close this class dancing the choreograph we learned.
This class is perfect for you that has curiosity about belly dance and never have been in contact with it before, or if you are started in belly dance yet, no problem, you’ll learn more possibilities of this art and have more culture exchange.


Class Requirements


A calm place, preferably alone, to help you to have a great understanding of the online class. Soft clothes. And some kind of hip’s scarfs or something to put on your hips to help you to see clearly the hips moves you will do.


Class Supplies


Bottle of water and spirit!



I need to have a specific body to belly dance?

Absolutely no! Belly dance is a very democratic art, where you can find support from woman to woman. You don’t need to have a specific body. You just need to have energy to learn and dance! We know stereotypes are made by society, but in belly dance, there is no place for stereotypes!

I dance nothing, can I really learn belly dance?

Of course yes! You don’t need to have the “gingado”’as we say in Brazil that means you don’t need to know how to dance or break or anything else. As I always say, if you really want to belly dance you will do it!

I’m not young too much for belly dance, can I belly dance?

Of course yes! There’s is no age for belly dance, kids, teens, adults can belly dance, it doesn’t matter if you’re 19, 25, 35,40,50,60… belly dance will always help people in all ages. Belly dance is freedom!

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