Karen Cotton

KC Mama Bee

I am a San Francisco Bay area native expanding my network between Texas and Atlanta. I have braided hair my entire life;this style of hair adornment created through adding extensions,is a custom passed down throughout generations. From,"French braids" to "single braids", these terms describe the African Diaspora hairstyle variety. Within those two phrases, hundreds of styles can be enjoyed without damaging your own natural hair. I have worked in my own private salon for over 25 years, and as an apprentice. Affectionately, known as Mama Bee, because I enjoy teaching and caring for my community with my garden of wisdom. My students usually call me Ms. KC, but as we develop a relationship it is inevitably switched to Mama Bee.

African Diaspora Style Hair Braiding Techniques & Styles

Learn how to braid hair using non-invasive techniques using hair extensions.
Learn a new trade Hair Braiding.
Learn new skills and tips on African Braids and Styles.

Once you complete the course, you could have the skills to braid your own hair, your kids hair, and pick up a new skill. These skills can be applied to gaining an apprenticeship at barber and beauty salons. Have fun while you learn and gain a new skill in this live online class via Zoom!

If you’re under 18 years old and want to learn how to braid this summer, check out my summer camp at

My Experience

Fastfingers Hair Braiding
Hair braider - 1995-present
17th & Franklin Barbershop
Apprentice - 1993-1995
Braids by Bev
Braider- Family owned shopy

My Accomplishments

Business Owner hair extension boutique
Mama Bee Productions
Creative Director
FastFingers Creative Services
Hair Braider