Hair Braiding 101 – Learn how to Braid

Hair Braiding 101 – Learn how to Braid

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Class Description


This course will cover the fundamentals in learning how to braid hair using synthetic and human hair extensions.
You will learn how to create the latest styles that are popular in today’s fashion culture.



Course include: Certificate of Completion
History of African Braids &
Hair Care 101
Diet and Hair
Styles and Upkeep
Technique and Tools
Job skills resource


Class Requirements


18 yrs. age minimum


Class Supplies


Suggested supplies:
a package braiding hair



Where can I purchase synthetic and human hair?

Synthetic hair can be purchased at any beauty supply.
For the human hair I suggest you use for a huge discount speak to the instructor.

How much hair will I need?

Classes will start by creating styles using synthetic hair packs. I recommend getting 3 packs of hair to start for learning techniques. Once technique is learned,additional packs will be needed to create a full hairstyle.

Will I need all hair requirements by first class?

No. However, as class advances, you will need to purchase hair extensions depending on the style being worked on.

Can I enroll even if I don't have all the supplies

Yes, minimum to enroll is a notebook and pen. Instructor will give out tips in class sessions.

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