Jessica Fountain


Hello, I’m Jessica. I’m an artist who dabbles in a lot of different mediums but sewing has been one of my favorites for a long time. I also enjoy acrylic painting, fashion design and drawing.

My Experience

I started sewing when my mom taught me as a kid and I’ve been sewing ever since, mostly I like to hand sew plush and save the sewing machine for larger things like clothing or bags. I’ve been making small plush to give as gifts to people and my pets for the last seven years so I’ve tried a lot of different types and patterns. Also If you’ve gotten a bear from Vermont Teddy Bear Factory in the last three years it’s possible I helped to sew it together 🙂
I’ve also done a bit of cosplay and won awards in the costume contests for ones that I have sewn.
Below are a few examples of plush toys (and one plush bag) that I’ve made in the past.

My Education

Associate degree for Visual arts

Related Work Experience

Vermont Teddy Bear Factory
Assistant Teddy Bear maker