Sewing Plush Toys By Hand

Sewing Plush Toys By Hand

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Class Description


In this class we will create an original plush toy from start to finish! Starting with my base pattern each student can choose extras to add such as different ears, tails or accessories (I’ll show you how to do this) so you can choose any character/animal that you want to make. There are a few materials you’ll need so be sure to check the list. Once the class is done you should be able to make as many as you want and even bigger sized ones too. I hope you’ll join me.


Class Requirements


All you need is a desire to make some cute plush and a little bit of time.


Class Supplies


1 Fabric- you will of course need some fabric but it can be any type that you want and any amount will do, if you have less you would just make a smaller plush.
2 Needle and thread- in order to sew you will need at least one needle and some thread, I like to match the color thread to the fabric but it’s not necessary for the class.
3 Scissors
4 Paper or tissue paper- this is what we will use for pattern making.
5 Sewing pins- these are important so make sure you have some, any type will do the trick.
6 Something to draw with- a pen, pencil, crayon etc. Just something to draw the pattern out.
7 You’ll need something to stuff your plush with, this can be pollyfil, leftover fabric scraps, rice or beans if you’d like a bean bag type plush
8 *optional* Felt for accessories



Is this a class for beginners?

This is a class for any skill level, we will go through all the steps in how to create the final product.

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