Ja’son Manwill

Assistant Professor

Since 2006, Ja’son Manwill has been known as the ‘Simon Cowell of Transformational Training’ and goes quick and deep to make sure his students achieve maximum results. He has given his students the tools to triple their back of their room sales, take more time off with their families, and maximize their training business and accelerated learning resources. He is the founder and one of the ELITE™ Trainers at Six Figures From The Stage International, Inc., a company that teaches Speakers, Presenters, and Seminar Leaders, how to effectively Train, Engage, and Transform their audience and by those core tools create six figures results from the stage, every time, guaranteed.

Do You Have A Fear of Public Speaking?

My name is Ja’son Manwill and I love Teaching Speakers and Seminar Leaders how to sell from the stage but I was fed up with those who are fake, not real, and out of integrity. So I created The Six Figures From The Stage Elite Training System that helps Speakers and Seminar Leaders stop being fake, start getting REAL, and gives them the freedom to be accountable with themselves and their audience.

In this six-week intensive program, you will learn 6 Simple Steps To Engage, Train, and Transform ANY Audience- Guaranteed! These weeks will be filled with fun, and also step by step instructions so that you get the most benefit from the “The Science of Achieving Six Figures From The Stage Signature Program.”

My Education

Train The Trainer 1 & 2
Master's Trainers Bootcamp
Elite Training Program
Six Figures From The Stage International, Inc.
Elite Training Academy

My Experience

Six Figures From The Stage International, Inc.
Elite Master Trainer
Founder & CEO