6 Simple Steps To Train, Engage & Transform ANY Audience-Guaranteed!

6 Simple Steps To Train, Engage & Transform ANY Audience-Guaranteed!

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Class Description


Hello! and Welcome to The Science of Achieving Six Figures From The Stage Public Speaking and Training Program.


Six Figures From The Stage Training Schedule:


Week 1: Train


Week 2: Engage


Week 3: Transform


Week 4: Tools


Week 5: How to Generate 250K-1.1 Million Dollars From The Stage on Your Product/Service.


Week 6: Theory/Practical Application Delivered by Students and Feedback.


In This Action Packed Six Week Course and Program You Will Discover:


-Explosive Training Secrets that guarantee Six Figure Results From ANY Stage.


-How To Eliminate Your Fears of Public Speaking and Create Confidence in Yourself On and Off The Stage.


-How Using the RIGHT Engagement Tools will Help your Students to Process and Understand Your Information better.


-Why 99% of Speakers are Horrible At Presenting


-How To Change Your Results From The Stage Effortlessly


-How to Simplify, Simplify, Simplify, your content.


-How To Train, Engage, and Transform ANY Audience-Guaranteed!


-and Much, Much, More….


Class Requirements


Must have a white hot burning desire to help others. Must be Trainable, Coachable, Engaging, and Willing to put in the Effort both in the Classroom and also the Homework as well.


Class Supplies




No Schedules Currently Available.