James Graham

Meditation/Relaxation Coach

Hello everyone I'm James, nice to meet you guys and welcome to the Steer Your Mind class. Since 201 I have been curious about the self development self help niche after realizing that I was living my life based upon what other people did and comparing myself to others, plus I always allowed my emotions to get the best of me and my success. After 2018 and throughout the years I have created a new ritual of habits in my life that has been helping me get through the pandemic and I have been sharing my strategies and information to others. I knew I needed to adapt and change in order for me to survive the pandemic so I started to create and get more in depth with this new lifestyle for myself that's filled with peace, happiness, and a simple life philosophy on how become emotionally centered while accomplishing my goals. I feel like a different person compared to whom I was in 2018. I know you guys will enjoy what I have to share with you all and I am certain that the information and self help tips I have collected over the years will change your life as well as it did mine. Have yourselves a wonderful day and I know you will enjoy and appreciate what I have to offer you.

Steer Your Mind Steer Towards Calmness And Relaxation

Steer your mind, steer towards a relaxed life.

My Education

Proctor Gallagher Institute
Mentored By Bob Proctor

My Experience

Youtube Content Creator
Independent Contractor