Jaircinio Munoz


Independent Filmmaker with one feature film and IMDB credit on my belt for "Beneath The Landslide." This is a film which I wrote/ produced/ edited/ executive produced and directed. I wrote the original script in 2004 while attending film school at Full Sail and attempted to shoot it then. Unfortunately I wasn't able to complete it then and after pitching the script around I had it stolen. It was turned into a film named "London" with Jessica Biel and Chris Evans in 2005. I rewrote the script twice more and finally finished 15 years later in 2019. I made a website for it and am now getting it ready for streaming at Amazon Prime and it should be released in 2022. I've been learning film and creative writing since I've graduated high school. I am familiar shooting with super 8mm, 16 mm and 35 mm film as well as 1080i and 1080p and recently 4K. I even learned how to splice film together and get it ready for projection. I am extremely passionate about film and television and it has always been my dream to learn how to make a movie.

Hello! This is my story… and I’m sticking to it

Film School graduate from Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL. and Independent Filmmaker with an IMDB credit for my feature film “Beneaththelandslide.” An independent feature film which I wrote, produced, edited, executive produced and directed. It took me 15 years to make it.

I’ve worked on many aspects of production from pre to post wearing many different hats. I am extremely passionate about film and have been since I was a little kid.

My Education

San Diego Mesa College
AA Degree Film & TV Production (1996)
San Diego City College
AS Degree Film & TV Production (Minor in Creative Writing) (1998)
Full Sail University (Winter Park, FL)
BS Degree Film & TV Production (2006)

My Experience

Pink Sneaker Productions
Transcriber/ Assistant Editor
Grid Iron Pictures
Camera Operator/ Videographer
Reel Creative Studios
Freelance Videographer/ Editor
2 Tabs & an 8th Production
Illuminoato Publishing
Founder/ CEO