Filmmaking 101-401

Filmmaking 101-401

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Class Description


Here is the curriculum:
This is a course for independent artist who want to learn how to produce their own films not to brake
into Hollywood. This method works for both short and feature films.
Each phase of production will be broken down into 10 Lessons.
Lesson 1 – Turning an idea into a script.
Lesson 2 – Proper Hollwood format
Lesson 3 – Budgeting your script
Lesson 4 – Gathering your crew
Lesson 5 – Casting your film
Lesson 6 – Scheduling Rehearsals
Lesson 7 – Scheduling Blocking for the crew
Lesson 8 – Storyboards
Lesson 9 – Renting or buying equipment
Lesson 10 – Location scouting and getting ready to shoot
Lesson 1 – Scheduling your actual shoot.
Lesson 2 – Craft services, transportation, etc.
Lesson 3 – The green room
Lesson 4 – Lights, Cameras, Action
Lesson 5 – Murphy’s Law
Lesson 6 – Shooting for coverage
Lesson 7 – Prodution audio pitfalls
Lesson 8 – Working with the crew
Lesson 9 – Working with talent
Lesson 10 – That’s a wrap
Lesson 1 – Post-Production Editing suites
Lesson 2 – Syncing audio to picture
Lesson 3 – First cuts are crap
Lesson 4 – First cuts are crap
Lesson 5 – Production music
Lesson 6 – ADR and voice overs
Lesson 7 – Final cuts
Lesson 8 – Adding subtitles for streaming platforms
Lesson 9 – IMDB credits
Lesson 10 – Premiering your film to the world


Class Requirements


A willingness to learn and a passion for film and video.


Class Supplies


Class supplies will be optional as the information you will learn will be transferable and dependant on how much of it you are willing to apply to your own projects.
Although during the course I will provide a list of affordable software and equipment with which you can build your own home studio.



How is the class broken down?

It is broken down into 3 different aspects of production. Preproduction, Production & Post-production. Each one will be covered in a 3 hour course.

What happens if I can't make it on one of those days?

I am willing to reschedule that class for the following day, only under special circumstances.

What exactly am I getting out of this course?

You will have the knowledge of what most people learn in 4 years of film school all wrapped into this 9 hour, comprehensive course

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