Frances Diocares

Performer & Beginning Dance Instructor

Name: Frances Diocares Birthdate: May 28 Myers-Briggs Type: INFP Place of Residence: The island of Oahu, Hawaii Performance Skills (not including belly dance): Acting, Singing, Voiceover, Dance, Propwork, Costume Design, Writing, Stuntwork Bellydance forms learned include: -American Cabaret Style -American Tribal Style -Tribal Fusion -Turkish Oryental Fusion Dance prop experience includes: -Veils -Double Veils -Sword -Fan Veil -Flutter Fan/Teel Fan -Double flutter fans -Zils/Sagat/Castanets/Finger Cymbals -Isis Wings -Cane -Chain/Rope Dance groups/associations: -Middle East Dance Artists of Hawaii (MEDAH) -Bellydance Raqs -Blue Troupe Favorite Venue to perform: Centerstage @ Ala Moana Shopping Center in Honolulu, Hawaii

Hello from Hawaii!

I am Frances, born and raised in Hawaii, the most isolated landmass on planet Earth, and I have been performing as long as I can remember. However, despite my history, belly dance was not something I pursued until I had already been ‘adulting’ and maintaining a steady job and income; this was due to my religious upbringing and conservative parents.
Nevertheless, I persisted. Bellydance is incredibly body positive, and I’ve finally got to do something I wanted to since I was little. I’ve always wanted to learn dance, but my parents didn’t allow it, my mother and aunts constantly pointing out that I was too fat to dance. Yes, even as a child I was told this!
Thankfully I’ve never really listened to them. I’ve now been consistently dancing for a few years, but with the onset of the pandemic, every show was either canceled or moved virtually.

The few times I’ve danced outside of my circle of student dancers and teachers (such as parties and at clubs), I’ve been asked if I teach. With what I’ve learned, and losing a side job due to covid, I decided to take the leap and pass on what I’ve learned.
I am by no means the greatest belly dancer in the world, but I have come a long way from struggling with body rolls and shimmies.

Whatever your body type, age, or gender, come and dance with me!