Bellydance Basics

Bellydance Basics

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Class Description


Ahlan wa Sahlan (Welcome) to Bellydance Basics!


This class is a ‘feeler’ class, suitable for the very new to bellydance. This class is best to help you decide whether you’d like to pursue dancing for performance, or just as exercise.


This class will lay down the important building blocks: posture, 7 Types of Movements, conditioning drills, embellishments, and history/culture.


These classes will be weekly as that is what my schedule allows for at the moment, and I will also be available for one-on-one, personalized help.
If you have a condition that keeps you from doing certain moves or strains in certain positions, please tell me so I may properly adjust things for your sake. I will take regular breaks during class.


I will definitely add on propwork at some point, and prop work is a world within a world. So many props, so little time!


This class is also setting out to dismantle much of the myth and misinformation surrounding belly dance, and gradually removing the stigma surrounding it. At least, on an individual level.


I hope you enjoy this class, or at least learn much from it. I will do my very best to pass on all that I have learned, and set off baby bellydancers on the right foot.


Ma3assalāma! (pronounced mass-a-lar-ma; goodbye, peace be with you)


Class Requirements


No dance experience is required; just an open mind. Belly dance is a place for the willing, regardless of gender, gender presentation, age, or orientation. Know your physical limits and do NOT push yourself to the point of pain or injury.


Class Supplies


-1 scarf or coin belt to tie around the hips (optional, but VERY HELPFUL)
-1 yoga mat for conditioning/floorwork drills
-1 bottle of water (please keep hydrated)



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