Dennis Lovell

Mindfulness Instructor

The Mind is a Wonderful servant, But a Terrible Master. Learn how to gently train your mind to be more present, to pay closer attention, and be calm, even in difficult moments. 60,000 thoughts a day. 47% are spent on auto pilot. 90% are the same thoughts you had yesterday. 80% of thoughts are negative. What we practice builds stronger! And we can practice Mindfulness together and slowly build a better relationship with our thoughts, emotions, and or bodies. We can be truly alive in the only moment that exists. This one now.

Greetings! I’m Dennis,I teach Mindfulness

Mindfulness is awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, none judgmentally. -JKZ This technique has been around for thousands of years and today as it is making itself to the west, it has been proven with deep scientific study. So, why should you learn it? Speaking personally, it is a tool that can give you a happier, more fulfilled life. Reduces stress (the number one killer in the US)Anxiety, and Depression. When practiced regularly, the side affects are happiness, joy, and contentment. More attentive parenting, better memories, and true connection. Take a Class and Do your own research.

my name is Dennis Lovell, and I have been a student myself of mindfulness for three years now. Currently I am studying at the University of California Berkeley under Jack Cornfield and Tara Brach. Mindfulness has made all the difference in my life and I am excited to now be teaching it to whomever could use it, and that is all of us. Retired Firefighter/EMT with 8 years as an Instructor, I have spent my life trying to help people. Now I have a new tool that has made all the difference in my life and I can not wait to teach it to you.

My Education

University of New Mexico
Mindfulness Meditation Certification
UC Berkely
MMTCP Student

My Experience

City of Rio Rancho Fire Department
The Mindfulness Connection