Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness & Meditation

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Class Description


This is a Class that will teach you skills on how to train your mind to be more present in the moment. Reducing stress, anxiety, and depression as we kindly and compassionately go from the perpetual doing mode, to a mode of acceptance and being as it is right now.


Class Requirements


self compassion, open mindedness, intention and a beginners mind.


Class Supplies


Open Heart



Question 1<br /> How can Mindfulness relive Depression, Anxiety and Stress?

Answer 1
When we live in the past we often become depressed, wishing for alternative decissions and outcomes.
When we live in the future we become anxious of all there is to do and what is unknown.
However, when we live in the present moment we can see the miracle of a life here and now, we can appreciate everything it took to get to this moment, the only moment we are alive, the present moment. The truth becomes clear and we can just be here with whatever is.

Question 2<br /> Whenever I have tried to meditate my mind just runs and seems to have a mind of its own. Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong?

Answer 2
absolutely it is normal and congratulations on being aware of your mind doing what it was born to do, think.
Even people whom have meditated for most their lives experience a racing mind more often than not. It is about bringing Awareness to racing mind, not slowing it or trying to stop your thoughts.

Question 3<br /> Is Meditation when we stop things?

Answer 3
Not at all. Meditation is a single concentration that comes from a letting go of control. Instead of trying to stop our thinking we try to concentrate on a single point we call and anchor while bringing and accepting awareness to all else that we can also be aware of.

Question 4<br /> Is there Science to back up these claims of meditation and its benefits?

Answer 4
Absolutely. There is a surmountable amount of evidence that proves the endless benefits of meditation and Mindfulness training. You can learn it here

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