Christopher De La Torre

Producer & Editor (Master Pr-editor)

Originally from Miami Beach, Florida, I graduated from Emerson College and subsequently spent seven years immersed in the Chinese film industry in Shanghai. Facing political charges after a regime change in China, I relocated to Cairo, Egypt, during the Arab Spring uprising, where I lived in Tahrir Square for three years, capturing the revolution alongside Egyptian Revolutionaries. Collecting over 1500 hours of footage, I later edited the resulting documentary, "The Square (2013)," which was nominated for the Oscar for best documentary, and won the Sundance Audience award for best picture, 3 Primetime Emmys, for best director, best cinematography, and outstanding picture editing. Since then, I've continued my focus on revolution-themed narratives, including projects like "The Great Hack," "Revolution: RENT!," and the HBO series "The Vow," working behind the scenes with the characters and cutting the spec which ultimately sold the story of the NXIVM cult to HBO. As a filmmaker committed to societal transformations, I persist in bringing impactful stories to the forefront, one frame at a time.

Revolutionary Filmmaking

In his teaching role, Christopher provides a distinctive perspective as a producer and editor of documentaries with a concentration on revolutionary filmmaking. Going beyond mere immersion in the revolution, he directs aspiring filmmakers in comprehending the art of storytelling tailored for a diverse audience. Emphasizing the significance of discerning how and when to depict trauma, Christopher aims not only to inform but also to inspire and motivate individuals to take effective action. His classes explore the nuances of narrative structure, pacing, and visual language, ensuring that his students not only observe but also master the skills of impactful storytelling within the domain of revolutionary filmmaking.

Ethics in documentary filmmaking stands as a cornerstone in Christopher’s classes, derived from his personal experiences, which include navigating political charges and witnessing fellow filmmakers enduring severe consequences for sharing their narratives. The curriculum is crafted to investigate the role of the documentarian and filmmaker as a revolutionary, delving into the personal risks they encounter and the potential consequences for those featured on camera. By grasping these ethical dimensions, Christopher’s students are not only equipped with technical skills but also gain a profound awareness of the responsibilities and risks ingrained in their role as catalysts of change through the medium of filmmaking.

From Christopher: I weave editing concepts and storytelling theory with real-life interviews from my documentaries, allowing students to glean insights directly from those who have shared their stories as revolutionaries or whistleblowers. This immersive experience provides a nuanced understanding of the profound impact, both positive and challenging, that such storytelling has on the lives of those courageous individuals.

My Education

Emerson College
Film / Marketing Communications
Fudan University
New York Film Academy / Princeton

My Experience

Project Manager
Self - employed
Assistant and Consultant