bill clinton

Sketch Artist

Hey my name is Bill. I'm 20 years old. I'm an Indian based sketch artist. My job here is to help you learn Realism Sketching in a simple yet very practical way.

This is my story.

when I was a child, I had difficulty expressing myself and connecting with other people. So I turned to art as a way of communicating since words failed me.

My parents gave me some art supplies since I was enjoying myself.

I was running through the house all day long with a bag of crayons, drawing on every flat surface in reach of my tiny little hands.

After all what do you expect from a 9 yo!!

But things took a plot twist when I turned 11.

It was few days after my 11th birthday, when I first drew something from real life.
It was a flower with 3 petals and a stem (actually it looked more like a giant green tree trunk…lol)

My first ever drawing!! I was so excited and proud of what I’ve created that I acted like I’m Van Gogh.

After that small but motivating victory. Curiosity to draw better led me into the deep ocean of the sketching.

Drawing a real life face became my GOAL.

Since I had no one to give me the direction towards my goal. I myself reverse engineered the world’s best artist’s mind and observing realism masterpieces.

As a result!! I came up with my own techniques and tools through years of practicing sketching. And now

I wanna SHARE it with you and teach you the same ways that I taught myself and pass the message that sketching is not as complicated as people usually make it.


my first recognizable drawing
Basic face sketching
First colored 3D Disney character
Lady In The Dark realism portrait
GAZE realism portrait