Ultimate Sketching Masterclass: From Beginner to Advanced

Ultimate Sketching Masterclass: From Beginner to Advanced

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Class Description


Wanna draw real people’s portrait like a pro?


If so?
Then you couldn’t have landed on any better place than this!!


Sketching realism portraits can be challenging. Especially when you don’t know where to start.


This place is dedicated for:
those who wants to learn sketching from scratch
those who wants to sharpen their realism skills
those who wanna learn new techniques of sketching


and if you are one of these people. This course is made just for you.


Just like anything and everything you have learned, you had to know the very basics. You can’t do math without knowing how to count. Right?


well, this course is all about teaching you the basic and building up the foundation leading up to the advanced level.


Let’s take a quick tour of what you will be learning in this course.


Course Insight:


Scaling: scaling down those real life actual figures into a small size paper, is what every artist do first.


Shaping: this is where everybody thinks sketching gets hard but I’m going to show you how to do it in a very sneaky way and get the perfect results.


Dark tones: drawing is okay but without these dark tones, your sketch will look pretty much flat. Luckily this course covers it all.


Highlights: Highlights can make your painting or drawing “pop” and draw the viewers eye. It also give more life to a piece. And you’ll be surprised to know that you’ll be learning it in just 1 class.


Texturing: Texture is the feel, appearance, or consistency of a surface. Artists use texture to add depth, interest, or balance to different areas of their artwork.


And much more including some bonus tips and tricks, I personally use……


A sketch is nothing but a collection of straight, curved, light and dark lines.
At the end of this course you too will be able to breakdown every shape, every volume you see, like a pro.
You will learn to hone your observational skills and draw what you see!!


Class Requirements


You must know how to draw a straight line using a ruler.
A willing attitude to learn and practice sketching.


Class Supplies


Cotton swabs



I have no knowledge about sketching. Can I still learn how to do realistic sketching?

If you can draw a line using ruler, you can easily learn how to draw.

How long will it take for me to draw my first sketch?

You can make your first realistic Sketch on your own, as soon as you complete this course or maybe, during the course if you practiced regularly.

Will I be able to use these skills to draw other art forms?

A big yess!! The methods that you are going to learn here is very simple but very broad in application.

Do I have to learn facial geometry to learn sketching?

NO!! You will learn drawing using the quick and easiest way that I used to draw 100s of realistic portraits.

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