Artsem Labanau

Sound Engineer

Hello, my name is Artsem I've been doing live sound engineering for a couple of years and have done it for live events/ bands, concerts, and multiple weddings. Done all types of music and all kinds of places indoor and outdoor. I also have an education in Sound engineering but currently trying to get a bachelor's in Electrical engineering. Hobbies- Snowboarding, Listening to music Video link- sorry about the camera will be better soon.

Hello. Im your sound engineer

I am teaching a Basic engineering course that talks about setting up a basic sound system and everything included in the process, like speakers and microphones and cables, basically all about sound. Will do an advanced class if there is interest.
Let me know if you have any questions.

My Education

Everett community college
Associate Science and technology
Sound engineering School
3 courses

My Experience

Sound engineer
Church of Bethel (current)
Sound engineer
Live concerts/events/wedddings