Sound engineering Basics

Sound engineering Basics

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Class Description


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This is the sound engineering basics course where we will be learning all about setting up sound systems. How sound works. Then every part of the sound system from speakers to microphones to cables. And by the end hopefully, you will know enough to be able to set one up and play music and connect a band or anything really to the sound system.


It will be a 13 class course. Will be once a week. With homework. And projects. Worksheets its a bit of a technical course.


Class Requirements


-listen and try to participate in the assignments and do the homework.
-Be respectful to others
-And have fun 🙂


Class Supplies


Sound Reinforcement Handbook
by Gary Davis and Ralph Jones
-provided by me


-Some headphones and a working computer



Would I be able to set up a sound system and mix and master after this course?

Yes hopefully, If you follow all the exercises and do the homework, you should be able to understand the basics enough to where you could go out there and do most things with sound with a little experience.

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