Roxanne hinds

Adjunct Professor

As a lifelong learner, I enjoy taking on new and challenging adventures. Each college or university has its own Teaching and Learning Philosophy and a unique Learning Management System. Working at a variety of campuses keeps me on my toes! Teaching means making a connection with students - creating an environment of mutual trust and respect. When my students succeed, it brings me professional satisfaction.

A Little About Roxanne Hinds

I am a communications scholar who loves to teach while continually learning more about the wide world of human interactions.

I teach Public Speaking, Small Group Communication, and Interpersonal Communication. The Central Valley of California has been my home for more than 15 years.

In addition to teaching, I enjoy volunteer work for nonprofits I support. Additionally, I am a “gig” worker – things like serving wine samples, demonstrating makeup, and staffing events at our local casinos.

My Education

University of Phoenix
MA Ed Adult Education and Training (2014)
Weber State University
BA Communication (2000)
Weber State University
AA (1998)

My Experience

Toastmasters, Int.
Experienced User
Coaching and Teaching