Michael Fasman

Video Producer/Editor

Creating and teaching digital video is my forte, marshaling and supervising the best talent and practices. I've traveled throughout the world and worked with a myriad of people in a multitude of places on a plethora of projects, from low budget docs to million dollar live webcasts. I'm ready to help you tell your story.

Experienced video editor

I am a professional video producer, director and editor with over 20 years experience, working in online education for University of California, production for Hollywood and with Silicon Valley firms such as Oracle, HP, VMware and others and non-profits such as Burning Man and Relief International.

My teaching experience includes a 10-week production class for middle students with Citizen Schools, and courses for adults and college students in San Francisco, Palestine and Ghana.

Students benefit from my knowledge of the entire production process, easy going attitude and patience, and experience training “newbie” filmmakers.

My editing experience is in Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Rush and iMovie.

My Education

Syracuse University
BA TV/Film
Humboldt State University
MS Natural Resources

My Experience