Korey Matlock

Food an Plant Medicine Educator/ Healer

I support individuals, by bringing awareness, to the healing benefits of 'food as medicine'. I guide methods in culinary preparation, as well as how to connect and tune into your body and with your food. This includes coaching for setting healing intentions through declarations as a daily practice. Engaging with awareness, intention, connection, while preparing food will support your healing process; and generate a healthy lifestyle for you and the people you care for.

Hello! This is my story.

My Story begins at the age of seven.I was visiting my grandmother in Oklahoma during summer. I watched my grandmother pick cucumbers from her garden and bring them in and pickle them. She told me”pickles are good for your stomach”. To this day, pickles are one of my favorite pro-biotics foods.
I watched her harvest the food she planted from seed and bring it to our table. Clean it, cook it, and serve it. She taught me that good food comes by your own heart and hands. True food and true water are the foundations of health. My grandmother was a nutritionist/kitchen manager in her territory of Oklahoma.

If you have good food and water, you have good health.this saying from my grandmother has stuck with me my entire life. As I grew up, I watched all my family members cook wonderful meals sourced from local farms if not raised or grown by their own hands. My family weren’t farmers, but they did have in their memory of being brought up gardening , having fruit trees, citrus trees, and nut trees that provided whole nutritious foods. This my ancestors knew, as i do.
I took my first job at a fast-food restaurant. Quickly,I understood how the kitchen worked in the world of fast food. As my flavor palette and knowledge grew,so did my curiosity of cultural foods. I began learning to cook with my favorite flavors from my ancestors and cultures that called to me in life. I began exploring my skill set deeper. This which started out as an art, I realized was gifted in food alchemy. Creating flavors, recipes, amazing soups and sauces took me into remembering food is medicine, taught to me by my grandmother. At the age of 28 I began working and local co-ops in my community in Minneapolis. After being in kitchens for many years ,I found a like-minded community in the co-op sector. I began manifesting my knowing within and without that food is medicine. Along my journey as a cook, I studied massage and energy healing. I also began to work with youth and bringing food consciousness to the classroom in a girls leadership group at a local nonprofit organization for young women. In this multi cast position with young people, I was able to bring focus to sugar in their diet and the impact on there ability to learn and have a healthy immune system. As I deepened my work as a youth advocate, I became invested in social justice and earth justice.
In this combined work I began learning about the land treaty rights and our inherent connection with Earth. This brought me into the food Justice movement, but on the scale of food quality, food sovereignty, and food is medicine.

In 2014, I was diagnosed with Scleraderma. This is an autoimmune dis-ease that targets the connective tissue, hardening of arteries and throat. There is no cure or therapies that western medicine has been able to provide.
I went directly to ceremony,food,natural,plant medicines and hydro therapies. With all my knowledge with food medicine ad energy healing, I was able to restore my immune system from a critical state. Now retired from cooking for a living and I am grateful to share this knowledge with you.

I’ve taken all my 43 years of cooking,my experience with social advocacy, disciplines with ancient teachings of massage and energy work,gardening and mushroom cultivation, along with Native American studies and Native American Rights of Passage Ceremonies. All based on the cycle of life in communion with the 4 sacred foods of the Medicine Wheel, I offer these introductory classes to Food As Medicine teachings to the bring fundamentals of connecting with your body, the food you prepare and consume. The quality of food, the importance of sourcing your food, the importance of quality water, and sourcing of your water and food to provide its highest integrity for healing.

My Education

Bakersfield Community College 1988
Liberal studies
Minneapolis Community and Technical College 2000
Native American studies
Minneapolis school of massage and Bodyworks
Massage practitioner student 1996
Polarity Therapy Institute 1999
Energy work practitioner
Thunder Heart Society 2014
Sacred ceremonies education and sacred rights of passage ceremonies
Martell's Landing and Pachamama Native American Church 2009-current
sacred ceremonies and plant medicine education

My Experience

Holistic Intention Food as Medicine Consulting 2009 -current
Founder/ Food Medicine Alchemist
New Hope Farmacy INC.
Food as Medicine Coordinator
Sacred Ceremonies Chef
Food blessing chef
Loto Life Cafe 2009-2011
Chef de Cuisine
Good Life cafe 1999 - 2001
Kitchen manager
Wedge Co-op 1998 - 2001
YWCA of Minneapolis 2000-2008
youth advocate/counselor/racial and social justice group facilitator