juan moreno


Juan has been working as a private spanish tutor for almost 18 years,not only from his native country Colombia,but from international cities such as Santiago(Chile) and New York (USA). During these years of teaching Spanish, he has been able to change the life of many students looking to succeed as confident speakers of one of the most beautiful and widely spoken language in the world


Juan was born in Bogota,Colombia in 1974.
He moved to New York in 1993 pursuing his goals as a musician and looking for motivation to study sound engineering.
After a few years already stablished in the city of New York, he found that there were a lot of people around very interested in learning Spanish not only for fun but as a necessity due to the fact that almost 20% of the people in the City of New York speak spanish. So then he decided to move forward and teach Spanish, it has been 18 years since then teaching the beautiful and romantic language… Español!!!

It has been now 18 years since then teaching virtually from his native hometown Bogota-Colombia
Uh!lets not forget to mention that the Spanish spoken in Colombia is the most neutral in accent in the whole South America and along with the Spanish from Spain,the most beautiful to be heard!

My Education

Zion Records
MBA sound engineering (2004)
Universidad Nacional de Colombia
literatura Espanola (2013)

My Experience

Spanish Teacher
Spanish Tutor
Brain Workshop-Bogota,Colombia
Spanish Tutor
Santiago de Chile,Colombia (1998)