Joidon Jennings

Digital UX Coordinator - Green Bay Packers

Hello, I'm Joidon Jennings and I am passionate about all things sports & digital! I currently work in the NFL for the Green Bay Packers as the Digital UX Coordinator. My role consists of getting into the user's mind and predicting what they would want to see on our website and in our mobile application on an average day and gameday. A pandemic helped a lot of people realize the importance of digital media and how students can make a career out of it. My goal is to prepare students that don't have an idea of what they want to do after school but they have a passion for sports and digital media like me. Let me teach you invaluable tools to propel you in life!

My Experience

I have worked for numerous reputable companies during college and now in my current profession. My goal is to equip each student that attends my class with the “people skills” the average person lacks to get any job you ever imagined. We will conduct mock interviews, resume bootcamps and even social media audits to transform into a qualified candidate for any position.

My Education

Miles College, Alabama
Bachelors of Arts in Communications
Alabama State University
Masters of Science in Applied Technology

My Experience

Project Manager
Self - employed
Assistant and Consultant