JeVae Collins

JeVae C. Wellness Instructor

For over a decade physical ,spiritual and emotional wellness have been my passion and purpose. I started as a spa massage therapist. After about a year of this I became bored. I seemed to be out of place. My focus was pain relief and not pampering. In the Spring of 2012 I started taking continue education classes. Classes to enhance my knowledge of Complementary Care treatments. By 2015 I was prepared to accept my first position as Medical Massage Therapist in a clinical setting.The joy I received daily from helping people get well and stay well warmed my heart. Teaching people self care became part of my job requirements. I found that when people did as I had instructed they recovered faster and experienced longer lasting results.I use to tell my patients help me help you by helping yourself. As a natural born teacher I feel compiled to share my wealth of knowledge for wellness. As a mother of two I feel the need to nurture every relationship and connection. Am excited to show you how to be well..together


JeVae was educated in 2007 at Heritage College in Kansas City. There she gained the basic knowledge of massage therapy and a love for helping people. In 2009 she obtained an Associated Degree in Occupational Studies.In 2010 she officially became a licensed massage therapist in the state of Missouri. Two years later she added to her certifications by becoming licensed in the state of Kansas as well. From there she spent her first few years as a professional in a spa setting. After an enormous amount of continued education she elevated her career to become a Medical Massage Therapist. In the medical field she found that she not only connected to peoples bodies but their hearts and minds as well. Throughout her career she has became drawn to perfecting her holistic approach to stress and pain management. An approach some say can only be administered by JeVae herself.In the fall of 2020 she appeared in the local newspaper. This article highlighted this approach to complementary care. In addition to this JeVae has been known to give chair massages at local charity events and hugs after a successful treatment.

Passion was the driving force.Her passion for helping others and sharing her knowledge gave her a remarkable idea. She wondered if she could help more people care for themselves better? In 2021 she was given the opportunity to do so by becoming an online instructor of Wellness.

In her spare time she enjoys creating essential oil blends, teas, and candles. Her warm down to earth personality will encourage you to laugh, live well and learn wellness.

My Education

Heritage College, Kansas City, Mo - Associates in Occupational Studies/ Massage Therapy
Heritage College, Kansas City, Mo - Associates in OccupatiSports, Neuromuscular Skeletal, Clinical Assessment, and Pathology focused
2018 Erik Dalton: Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques 2016 MassageNerd: 200 Table Stretch Techniques
2016 MassageNerd: Advance Deep Tissue 2018 Massage Height : Advanced Massage Cupping
2019 X Ray Imaging Analysis Dr. Wilson Chiropractic 2020 Massage Nerd: Billing for Medical Massage

My Experience

Soft Tissue Assessment, Treatment Planning, Sports,Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Massage Cupping, Thermal/ Cryotherapy, Assisted Stretching and Positional Release,Kinesio Taping Lymphatic Drainage
Acousta Chiropractic, Grandview, MOJune2019 - PRESENT Perform specific massages on the clinics patients by following treatment instructions given by the Doctor. Coordinate a Complementary Care plan for each patient
Business Owner: Restorative Massage by JeVae
Massage Heights, Ward Parkway/ Tiffany Springs - Licensed Massage Therapist August2017 - July2019 Perform massage on the companies membership paid clients Upsell retail products endorsed by the franchise .