Hasco Seymour Jr.

Professional Tutor

I am Hasco Seymour Jr., a very patient tutor who offers classes to meet your needs in every way possible, such as improving your English to your language skills by the way of speaking, listening, grammar and pronunciation. I work well with intermediate to advanced levels.

Hello! This is my story.

I am Hasco Seymour Jr., a tutor who loves to travel as well as helping others in whom that are in need. On the daily bases I usually go out in my community to help the needy and or help others that need help with their everyday basic skills and or needs. By the way, I love pets and have 5 fish that I adore a lot. I have a list of places that I hope to visit, and I hope one of those places is yours!

My Education

EIT Digital, Confunded by the European Union
Certificate in Security and Privacy for Big Data
New York University
Certificate in Real-Time Cyber Threat Detection and Mitigation, 2023
Yale University
Electrical Engineering (2013)

My Experience

Self - employed