Emmanuel Lopez

Software Developer (Data Analysis)

i seek to develop mathematical intuition and share the beauty and symmetry of numbers, because i'd like to prepare kids to solve real life problems and build a better smarter world. i've always liked maths and numbers even when i was a kid. my heroes included the likes of einstein ramanujan euler and feynman. i have half a degree in electrical engineering, but I switched to software development and jumped down the rabbit hole of computer science, machine learning, artificial intelligence and data science.


My goal is to inspire. Math, specifically math, is as much about learning as it is discovery.

I feel that the standard curriculum doesn’t focus enough on intuition development, which is crucial in actually using math in real life. So, I seek to fill that gap.

Official (and unofficial) Education

California Community Colleges
Associates of Mathematics, for Engineering
1/2 a bachleors in EE (no money :()
Internet, Open Course Ware, Coursera, School of AI, Etc
Artificial Intelligence
The Internet!
Seriously, it's a great resource, if used properly

My Experience

Xenon Full Body
VR Code Project Main
Self Employed
Stocks Juggler
Tutoring and robotics coaching
A little here and there