DeShawn Luna


Hi my name is DeShawn, I am a Self-taught web designer and I am here today to teach you how to build a basic website to help you bring your business into a whole new world or maybe you are attempting to bring your professional life online, if you decide to take my class you will be successful in building an easy to manage site. I will also be teaching other Basic Computer Classes/ Email me if you have questions. I have classes on multiple platforms, so I can find something that fits you if you don't find what youre looking for.

Hello! This is my story.

Growing up in Michigan, I soon relocated to Atlanta, to be coached by an awesome mentor, I have designed websites for music artist, bloggers, authors and adult film stars, and I am here today to help you build a drag and drop website. My classes are for beginners.

This class is going to be based out on WordPress. I also offer a Google Sites classes. If you’re interested on any other platform (Weebly, GoDaddy) let me know and I can get a 1on1 class for you!

My Education

Central Michigan University
BA in Business Admin
Web Design and User Testing
Lansing Community College
Marketing and intro to computers

My Experience

Project Manager - Customer Service
Self - employed
Web Designer