Danzig Billingd

Cryptocurrency Investing Teacher

This class is called crypto investing 101 and is strictly about the basic fundamentals of Cryptocurrency and investing being brought together so that you too can invest in a high risk, high reward asset class. Something to keep in mind, in this class I will not be telling you how to allocate your assets to invest. I will only be teaching the what, how, when, where why of cryptocurrency investing. Only you can decide what is fundamentally a good investment! Please feel free to go follow my cryptocurrency Instagram if you want to learn more (link below)

I’m Danzig! This is my story

Back in August of 2020, I had no future plan or investments. It is around this time I discovered cryptocurrency. After learning a little more about it, I got hooked! I invested a lot of what little money I had into cryptocurrency and luckily I got in just before a huge bull run and have now realized profits over double my starting investment.

I’m not a professional investor therefore I will not be giving any specific investments, you should be able to pick out fundamentally strong cryptocurrency to invest into for multiple years by the end of this class

My Education

Crypto-currency investor
Grand Rapids community college
(currently attending)
(high school diploma)

My Experience

Djs landscaping
Sidewalk Shoveler