Cristina Jimenez


Hi Everyone, Cristina J from California , Self-taught Painter and creative Mother of one amazing kiddo!. On free time currently creating a new project on Pod cast which I want to show others how to also start.

Hello! This is my story.

I began as a painter at 17 years of age I grew up in the heart of Los Angeles, California growing up with a city full of murals I started to teach my self through watching others do awesome art on walls. From then I wanted to make my name known in other city’s and with the help of platforms such as “myspace” and “facebook” I began networking and started showcasing my art in community art events that ranged from all ages. I attended Community college but then decided to become a instructor at elementary programs to gain more real world experience, I couldnt afford art and college classes but never quit my need to keep self learning and of course becoming more independent. I moved to Apple valley , C.A after we had our son in 2015 and began to network more online. Painting took over again and I was able to sell Canvas paintings to friends and family while I worked from home.

My biggest goal now is to finish my studies in Website engineering and design and to show others the ability to paint as I learn other creative things that can help me and my family.

My Education

Cerritos College
Nu-Camp Coding
Certificate in Java script

My Experience

Los Angeles Unified School District
Morning School Program/ Supervisor/Lesson planner.
Art Instructor
After School Enrichment Programs