Christopher Layman

Chris Layman - Veteran Teacher

Hello, I've been teaching Social Studies for 15 years. Outside of the classroom, I'm a veteran actor and performer and bring that energy to class. My classes are never boring. I found that my teaching style was a perfect fit for online instruction, and after Covid, I can't see myself returning to a traditional classroom. I'm the class that the parents want to take. I update my notes every year and never have students read from a textbook. I'm a supporter of themes in instruction as people tend to have patterns of behavior and that helps understand social studies better. Or wait, is this a History class? What's the difference between History and Social Studies? Sign up and find out.

Medieval History – Full course

This is my full curriculum of medieval history at the middle school level including overarching concepts that run through an instructional year, themes that connect ideas together, and is cohesively taught by the same teacher, at the same time, on a schedule that is known in advance.
This class is designed to cover the educational requirements of medival history.

This is not tutoring, it is instruction. This is a class. It is exactly what I have been teaching in the classroom for the past 15 years, just via the internet.

This course is divided up into 9 sections with around 40 instructional days in the year. We meet once per week in an interactive lecture style.

Each course is 20 dollars per class and runs for the entire school year.

Sections of this class:

1: Roman Republic
2: Roman Empire
3: Byzantine Empire
4: Medieval Middle East
5: Early Middle Age Europe
6: Vikings
7: China and Japan
8: The 1300s – A century of despair
9: The Early Modern Era

My Education

St Mary's College of Maryland
B.A. History (2003)
Gilman School

My Experience

Yavneh Hebrew Academy
Social Studies Department Chair
School For Young Performers
Teacher for band Mindless Behavior
Social Studies Department Chair