Carl Lostracco

Carl LoStracco

Languages and ancient symbolism have been a part of my life for over 25 years. I am pleased to offer a beginners course in the fundamentals of basic Hebrew.

The Hebrew Language ” The First Thousand Words”

This course will start the student out with the basics using the book “The First Thousand Words in Hebrew” as the text book for this course.

Requirements for this Course.

1. A full on smile or at least a willingness to wear a half smile
2. A since of humor, if you don’t have one that’s ok I have them for rental
3. Be prepared to have FUN
4. Keep it Clean and Jokes are always encouraged.
5. All questions are good questions.

You can find the book The First Thousand words in Hebrew at Amazon or Ebay I encourage you to get one to follow the class and homework assignments.
You will be able to access tests via my website that link will be given in class.

My Experience

Instructor: Arts / Languages/Lightsaber Creation
Owner / Old Republic Armory
Lightsaber Manufacturing Company
Owner / Black Mesa Foundry
Mold making, casting metal and metal shop

Volunteer Work

Tornado Alley Trackers
K9 Search & Rescue Oklahoma
Jedi OKC Star Wars Reenactment Group
Children's Hospitals, Fund Raisers, Movie Openings
Operation Green Hope Foundation
For Vets with Combat Related PTSD