Carl Lostracco

Master Jedi Occart Sol

From a very early age sculpting was a deep part of my life as an outlet of imagination and expression to training an ADD child how to focus. In my teens I developed 25mm pieces for the game Dungeons And Dragons many of which were purchased for production. I've had the good fortune of studying under such masters as Alan LeQuire in Nashville, TN, who taught me the art of mold making in the early 2000's and through that knowledge currently have my own forge and pour my own art. I have always found respite and a peace when I sculpt its a fantastic mediation medium.

Jedi Master Sculptor

The Jedi Council has decided to give me a break from the Galactic battles which have now ingulfed even Ta
These classes were designed to be a journey. Not an in depth exhaustive of the works of Rodan or DaVinchi but an exploration of emotion and imagination and the uninhibited free flow of you.
What makes a Master? Simply one who has learned to stop trying and allows the Force to flow through.
You will learn how to make all the shapes that make up creation, from spheres to Pyramids these shapes will become second hand, pardon the pun. You will then learn how to recognize these basic shapes in your day to day activities.
As you become more proficient in recognizing shape combinations your level of detail in your sculpting will increase and your skill in bringing out the things you see on your minds screen will become more refined with your practice of the skills in this course.

Requirements for any Jedi Sculptor courses:

1. A full on smile or at least a willingness to wear a half smile
2. A since of humor, if you don’t have one that’s ok I have them for rental
3. Be prepared to have FUN. Seriously I Know For Many Fun Was; “A Long Long Time Ago….” So Be Ready
4. Keep it Clean and Jokes are always encouraged.

I cant wait to meet you and see the fantastic work you will do and how it will influence my work.
See you Soon and….
May The Force Be With You

My Experience

Instructor: Arts / Languages/Lightsaber Creation
Owner / Old Republic Armory
Lightsaber Manufacturing Company
Owner / Black Mesa Foundry
Mold making, casting metal and metal shop

Volunteer Work

Tornado Alley Trackers
K9 Search & Rescue Oklahoma
Jedi OKC Star Wars Reenactment Group
Children's Hospitals, Fund Raisers, Movie Openings
Operation Green Hope Foundation
For Vets with Combat Related PTSD