Anthony Roby

Spirituality professor

Spirituality professor Former business owner Multiple mma imstructor Street evangel

Hello! This is my story.

My a business man and spirituality teacher of the supernatural realm residing in michigan

Courses consist of 4 parts
Part 1 introduction What is spirituality
Part2 identifying the different types of spirits
Part 3 How to react to different types of spirits on people
Part 4 How to distinguish which realm each spirit is from

Hello name is tony i enjoy teaching about spiritual things because its my duty to inform those who desire to know about the supernatural realm so that they can be more aware of things in their life thats happening.

My Education

Westside academy
General studies diploma
Kent JC Ohio JC
2008-2009.. 2010

My Experience

13 yrs experience of spirituality
13 yrs of learning about the spiritual things
13 yrs teaching under Yeshua hamashiach
13yrs exp under the wing of great teacher Yeshua hamashiach