Ahren Drebing

Professor Ahren

I have been in the caregiving field for over 10 years, I have a Bachelors's and a Masters's from here in Colorado.

Good to meet you.

My name is Ahren Drebing, and I have been in the caregiving field for long enough to know that burnout is a real thing and needs to be addressed.

In this course, we will introduce burnout and what we can do about it. We want to know what burnout is, who it can (and does) affect, and why it is important for us to recognize it before it starts.

I want your feedback on where to take it, and we can collaboratively learn and share ideas. We will be looking for a lively discussion on the topic.

My Education

Colorado Christian University
Masters in Organizational Leadership (2020)
Bachelors in Human Services (2000)

My Experience

Behavioral Hospital
Behavioral Technician
Youth treatment center
Unit Supervisor