Writing from Nature

Writing from Nature

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Class Description


Writing from Nature is a class designed to harness the clarity and beauty of the natural world to inspire our writing. Working with prompts each week we will find a "sit spot" to write from and familiarize ourselves with this special place. This process will allow us both to familiarize ourselves with the plants and animals that live around us as well as providing us with an opportunity to develop and practice our descriptive writing, storytelling, and voice in a non-judgmental, safe community.
While this program will consist of individual writing, we will come together as a group to discuss our experiences, share our writing and receive constructive feedback, and bond over the beauty of the natural world that is all around us, even in the most urban of settings. Whether you are interested in starting a journaling practice, are stuck in a writing project, want to familiarize yourself with the local flora and fauna, or just need some structured space to decompress from your busy life this is the class for you.


Class Requirements


This class welcomes all experience levels with both writing and naturalist knowledge. This is an individualized course and so will adapt to meet you where you are at.


Class Supplies


-Pen or Pencil



What if I don't live near a natural space?

Nature is all around us, whether pigeons eating crumbs from the sidewalk or ants filling into a crack into the cement, nature is all around us if we are aware enough.

How much time a week will this class require?

This class will consist of 45 minute synchronous meetings once a week. As for individual work, that will be dependent on the individual and how much time they are willing to spend refining their writing and working on the provided prompts.

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